I See You! An Open Letter to Hendry Teachers.

Dear Hendry County Teacher,

I see you and I see you for what you really are…a genuine freedom fighter and activist for equality. I see you running hard and fast towards the challenges so many in this world turn away from. I see the options you have, and I see you choose to remain in the trenches of rural education and devote your life to serving a vulnerable population.

I see the resolve in your eyes when you’re working with students who are struggling. I see the joy in your eyes when your students have breakthroughs. I see the hard work and creativity it requires to help that struggling student, as well as the thriving students, achieve their highest potential each day.

I see you rise to the occasion time and time again to meet needs that are far beyond what the curriculum or your job description requires.  I see how much of your own personal life, time and resources you devote to your profession. I see you being a role model in our communities and leading by example, and I see the positive impact that has on your students.

I see you doing all this with sparse resources and overflowing hearts. I see you as the proverbial David bravely facing a new legislative Goliath around every corner.  In spite of those obstacles, I see your unwavering faith in your purpose and your Christ-like love for the children you serve.  I see an example of what’s good, true and right about the world when I reflect on what you do each day to create opportunities for all children to have a bright future.

As the mother of two of those children, as a product of the Hendry County School District, and as a school board member…THANK YOU.  I appreciate the blessing you are today and every day. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to my heroes!

~ Stephanie

About Stephanie Busin

Mother. Wife. Rural Education Activist. Status Quo Challenger. Hendry County School Board Member, District 4. Born for the Storm. Saved by Grace.

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